New! The SpeedPilot MKVI PRO!

The new SpeedPilot MKVI PRO features "plug
and play" USB convenience, plus:

  • Two wheel speed sensor inputs with
    automatic failure detection and
    redundancy. If one sensor fails, it is
    switched off and the remaining sensor is

  • USB connection instead of Bluetooth. The
    USB connection provides both data
    transfer and power to the odometer box.

  • Ultra heavy duty construction. The new
    odometer box features a diecast aluminum
    housing and military grade sensor

  • The SpeedPilot MKVI PRO adds a route
    instruction list. The list can be pre-
    populated with route instructions. Any
    combination of CAST, distance, or time can
    be executed with one click.
The SpeedPilot MKVI and TwinMaster Digital
wireless rally computers
A great idea then . . . and Now!
The Squirrel Technologies SpeedPilot MKVI.

Patterned after the original Halda SpeedPilot from the 1950's, the
Squirrel Technologies SpeedPilot MKVI captures the great layout of
the original, in a fully functional rally computer that runs on your
PDA or PC. Buy your Squirrel Technologies SpeedPilot MKVI today,
and get back to the future of TSD rally competition!

HERE  to find out more about the SpeedPilot MKVI, then
download a demo version for your PC or PDA!

New to the sport? Want to learn more about Time/Speed/Distance
(TSD) rallying? Click
Advertisement from July 1957
Road and Track magazine


Precision electronic odometer that reads to 1/100th's
Real "rolling odometer" behavior
Continuous display of time error
CAST instructions can be set in 1/10th increments
Coarse and fine odometer correction
Up to 25 odometer calibrations can be stored
Clock can be set to world atomic clock time
Error in decimal minutes is displayed digitally
Odometer can be reversed
Pause timer with digital countdown
Time can be added or subtracted
Download a FREE demo
version of the SpeedPilot
MKVI for your PC or PDA!